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About Us

Coastal Sands Graphics is a family owned business based in Northern Michigan. 

We create trend setting designs on exceptional garments.  Our business is woman and disabled veteran owned.  We pride ourselves on being a made in the USA company.

Here at Coastal Sands, we design all the graphics and screen print them in our facility, which is located in Northern Michigan. We get great results from the specialized printing techniques and the garment choices we print on. We are told by our loyal customers and wholesale accounts often, that are products are fresh and the unique designs sell time and time again.  Our designs catch customers eyes and once they wear them, they fall in love even deeper.  Our clothing don't just become a memory in a drawer, but become apart of their everyday wardrobe. 

We also know that our environment is important, so we want to leave a big imprint on your heart, we try our hardest to leave a small footprint on the world!

How do we do that?

-- We heat our facility with recycled wood, from local lumber mills! (Left over pieces from projects)

-- We recycle our screens  and wash our screens using the BEST green chemicals on the planet!! 

-- Those green chemicals then pass through a 6 stage filtration system!

I am sure and hope to find even more ways to protect the planet! 

We must always be aware of our customers and their needs. We pride  ourselves on attention to detail and great customer care! If you need us for any reason please contact us at:

SALES@coastalsandsgraphics.com (anytime)
or at (586) 489-6204 (Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm EST)